Scientific Conference On-Line Abstract and Registration System

Abstract Management has 13 years of experience managing conference abstracts, and 8 years experience of on-line abstract management. We have handled dozens of conferences, and over 10,000 abstracts. Our system is flexible, secure, robust, and well tested. We can manage conferences of any size, and from any discipline.

  • On-line submission of abstracts, through a secure, robust site
  • Accepts abstracts in any European Language
  • Full support for Greek characters, math symbols, and many other symbol sets
  • The submission site currently available in English and French. Other languages can be accomodated as well. Please ask.
  • Supports data tables and images
  • All abstracts are fully editable until end of the submission period
  • Adjustable word count limits on both the title and body of the abstract
  • Confirmation emails sent to authors
  • Technical support for authors and organizers
  • The peer review system is very flexible, allowing abstracts to be assigned to reviewers by any criteria, and permits either on-line or off-line review of abstracts
  • Our science program development tools allow Science Chairs to easily summarize the review data, and build the science program
  • Review notices are sent to authors, and tracked to ensure they have received their notice
  • When it comes time to publish the abstracts, we can display them on-line in a searchable format, export to publishing software for print production, or to our popular CD format.

The Abstract management system is a self-contained module, and can be used in conjunction with our other services, or as a stand-alone service. In fact we work with many Professional Conference Organizers who already have their own registration and conference management systems, but use our services for abstract management, just because it is so much better than anything else.

If you would like to see a demonstration of our abstract management system, please email

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