Scientific Conference On-Line Abstract and Registration System


This is one of our newest service and one that keeps us in the forefront of conference service solutions.

What exactly is a digital poster? In concept it is much like a conventional paper poster, except that you display it in on a large screen HDTV rather than a poster board. Instead of walking through a large hall full of poster boards, the viewer simply stands in front of the screen, and uses a mouse driven search and menu system to find and view the posters.

Why e-posters? There are a number of reasons:

  • It is less expensive – no hall, no poster boards, no ink-jet print, no transportation
  • It is greener – no paper or ink used, no transportation costs
  • They can be archived – e-posters can be stored and displayed on-line, paper ones just get thrown out
  • You don't have to drag a tube on a plane with you, and no airline will ever lose it
  • It is easy to find the poster you want – search by author, title, subject or key-word
  • It is interactive - you can include video and dynamic images on an e-poster
  • You can put them on a website so everyone can view it. What happens with paper posters after a conference? Most go into the garbage or sit in a corner roled up in a tube.
  • It results in better science, and a more interesting conference, by elevating the poster into something more interesting and dynamic, and a more integral part of the program. Let us show you how.

These photos show e-posters at work:

Delegates cluster around a poster station while author makes presentation.

Back-to-back e-poster stations.

Once you try e-posters, you won't ever want to go back to paper again. To see a demonstration, email